Name (Last, First) Office Email
Afary, Janet
Mellichamp Chair in Global Religion
Area: Modern Iran; Gender and Sexuality in the Middle East
HSSB 3047
Ahmad, Ahmad Atif
HSSB 3032
Blankholm, Joseph
Associate Professor
Area: American Religion, Secularism and Atheism, Sociology and Anthropology of Religion
HSSB 3049
Wednesdays, 1-3pm, or by appointment
Busto, Rudy
Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
Area: American Religion, Race and Religion, Religion and Science Fiction
HSSB 3082
Thursday 1-3 & by appointment
Campo, Juan
Associate Professor
Chair, Department of Religious Studies
Area: History of Religions (Islam), Arabic
HSSB 3044 & 3083
T/R, 11-12pm
Campo, Magda
Continuing Lecturer
Area: Arabic Language
HSSB 3058
Carlson, Thomas
Founding Director, International Center for the Humanities and Social Change, UCSB
Area: Philosophy & Religion; History of Christian Thought
HSSB 3036
El Omari, Racha
Associate Professor
Area: Arabic Islamic Studies
HSSB 3059
Elison, William
Associate Professor
Area: South Asian Religions, Ethnography, Visual Culture, Bollywood
HSSB 3053
Erdene-Ochir, "Baatra" ErdeneBaatar
Assistant Adjunct Professor
Area: Buddhist Studies
HSSB 3075
By appointment
Feiz, Aazam
Continuing Lecturer
Persian Language and literature
Area: Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition, Developing Materials for Teaching Persian
HSSB 3054
MW 1:00-2:00 pm and by appointment
Garr, W. Randall
Area: Northwest Semitic Languages, Hebrew Bible, Ancient Near East
HSSB 3050
W 11a.m. -1 p.m.
Hegazy, Wael
Area: Arabic and Islamic Studies
HSSB 3058
Monday and Wednesday 10 - 10:50 Am
Hillis, Gregory
Continuing Lecturer
Area: Tibetan and Sanskrit
HSSB 3060
MW 12-1
Holdrege, Barbara
Chair, South Asian Studies Committee
Area: South Asian Traditions and Jewish Traditions
HSSB 3034
Jarrett, Gregory
Continuing Lecturer
Walter H. Capps Center
Area: Applied Ethics
HSSB 3061
Zoom 1pm-2pm Fridays.
Johnson, Greg
Director, Walter H. Capps Center for the Study of Ethics, Religion, and Public Life
Area: Indigenous traditions, religion and law, method & theory
HSSB 3001G
Kauffman, Mitchell
Area: Business Ethics & Managerial (Applied) Economics
HSSB 3065
upon request
Medina, Richard W.
Lecturer of Hebrew and Jewish Studies
Area: Hebrew Language, Hebrew Bible, Second Temple Judaism, Jewish Studies
HSSB 3074
Moore, Kathleen
Associate Dean of Humanities and Fine Arts, Director of Legal Humanities Initiative
Area: Islamic Studies, Law and Religion, Religious Liberty, Religious Othering
HSSB 3073
Pérez, Elizabeth
Associate Professor
HSSB 3051
Rambelli, Fabio
Professor (Religious Studies & East Asian Cultures)
International Shinto Foundation Chair in Shinto Studies, Chair of Religious Studies
Area: Japanese religions, semiotics and materiality, music and religion, the sea and religion
HSSB 2258
Reynolds, Dwight
Distinguished Professor
Area: Arabic Language & Literature / Folklore / Ethnomusicology
HSSB 3056
Steavu, Dominic
Associate Professor
Area: Chinese Religions and Chinese Buddhism
HSSB 2253
Thomas, Christine
Cordano Endowed Chair in Catholic Studies, Director of the Ancient Mediterranean Studies Program
Area: Early Christianity & Religions of the Roman Empire
HSSB 3067
Summer break
Walker, David
Associate Professor
J. F. Rowny Chair in Religion and Society
Area: Traditions of the Americas
HSSB 3086
Wednesday 12-1 and by appointment
Wallace, Vesna
Area: South Asian Studies, Inner Asian Buddhism
HSSB 3045
Wiseman, Wendy
Wolfson, Elliot
Marsha and Jay Glazer Endowed Chair in Jewish Studies
Area: Jewish mysticism and philosophy; gender construction and the history of religion
HSSB 3061
Yang, Mayfair
Professor, Religious Studies Dept
Professor, Dept of East Asian Languages & Cultural Studies
Area: China: Chinese religions, environmental humanities, modernity and the state, gender, media studies
HSSB 3rd floor
Sabbatical Leave, Fall 2023