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Corinne Kalota
  • BA, Liberal Studies and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Delaware, 2011.
  • MA, Religious Studies, UC Santa Barbara, 2014.
  • Areas of Study at UCSB: Islamic Studies, Women’s Studies, Feminist Theory, Contemporary Iran, Sexuality and Religion.
Noora Kamel
  • BA, Japanese, UC Los Angeles, 2011.
  • Areas of Study at UCSB: Islam in America; Religion, Culture, and Identity Formation; Religion and Youth Culture/Movements (with focus on American Muslim youth).
Dennis Kelley
  • BA, Anthropology, California State University, Fresno, 1996.
  • MA, Religious Studies, UC Santa Barbara, 2001.
  • PhD, Religious Studies, UC Santa Barbara, 2007.
  • Areas of Study at USCB: Religion and Identity, Religion and the Subaltern Experience, American Indian Religious Traditions, Sociology of American Religious History, Myth and Symbol Theory.
  • Title of Master’s Thesis: “The World is a Canoe: Tradition, Identity, and Symbolism in the Reprise of Chumash Religious Orientation.”
  • Title of Doctoral Dissertation: “Religion in Contemporary Native North America: Traditional Practices, Modern Identities.”
Jeffrey T. Kenney
  • BA, Philosophy, UC Santa Barbara, 1982.
  • MA, Religious Studies, UC Santa Barbara, 1987.
  • PhD, Religious Studies, UC Santa Barbara, 1991.
  • Areas of Study at UCSB: Islam, Sociology of Religion, History of Religion.
  • Title of Master’s Thesis: “The Emergence of the Khawarjj: Religion and the Social Order in Early Islam.”
  • Title of Doctoral Dissertation: “Heterodoxy and Culture: The Legacy of the Khawarij in Islamic History.”
  • Current Employment: University Professor and Professor of Religious Studies, Department of Religious Studies, DePauw University.
Scott M. Kenworthy
  • BA, Religious Studies and English, UC Santa Barbara, 1990.
  • MA, Religious Studies, UC Santa Barbara, 1992.
  • MA, Theology, St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, 1996.
  • PhD, History, Brandeis University, 2002.
  • Areas of Study at UCSB: History of Religion, Early Christianity.
  • Title of Master’s Thesis: “Justin Martyr’s Use of the Pauline Epistles.”
  • Title of Doctoral Dissertation: “The Revival of Monasticism in Modern Russia: The Trinity-Sergius Lavra, 1825-1921.”
  • Current Employment: Associate Professor, Department of Comparative Religion, Miami University (Ohio).
Mimi Khuc
  • BA, Sociology, Minor in Religious Studies, University of Maryland College Park, 2003.
  • MA, Religious Studies, UC Santa Barbara, 2006.
  • PhD, Religious Studies, UC Santa Barbara, 2013.
  • Areas of Study at UCSB: Asian American Religion and Culture, Race, Buddhism in the U.S., New Age, Women of Color Feminisms, Vietnamese American Studies.
  • Title of Master’s Thesis: “A Contentious Religious Recipe: Two Buddhisms, a New Age, Scholars, Vietnamese, and Race in America.”
  • Current Employment: Adjunct Faculty, Asian American Studies, University of Maryland College Park.
Euiyeon Kim
  • Area: Korean/Tibetan Buddhism; Influence of Mongol-Yuan Empire in the late Koryo Buddhism
  • MA, Religious Studies, UC Santa Barbara, 2023
  • BA, Buddhist Studies, University of Toronto
Michael Kinsella
Photo of Adam Krug
Adam Krug

Adam’s dissertation focuses on The Seven Siddhiḥ Texts, an early corpus of Vajrayāna Buddhist texts that came to be known in Nepāl and Tibet as part of a larger canon of Indian works on ‘the great seal’ or mahāmudrā. In addition to providing text-critical historical analyses of these works, his dissertation focuses on larger issues such as a revaluation of demonology as an analytic paradigm for critical historical research in South Asian religions, inter-sectarian dynamics in the formulation of the Vajrayāna, and practical canonicity and curriculum in tantric Buddhist textual communities. His recently published work is titled “Pakpa’s Verses on Governance in Advice to Prince Jibik Temür: A Jewel Rosary,” published in a special issue of Cahiers d’Extrême-Asie on Kingship, Ritual, and Narrative in Tibet and the Surrounding Cultural Area by The French Institute of Asian Studies (École française d’Extrême-Orient)He has received two U.S. State Department research grants through the Fulbright-Nehru Student Research Fellowship program and the Council of American Overseas Research Centers, and is currently a lecturer in Religious Studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder.