Professor Christine Thomas named Phi Beta Kappa visiting scholar in 2013-14

Christine Thomas240x240After an appointment as a Junior Fellow with the Society of Fellows at Harvard (1993-96), Christine Thomas joined the religious studies department at Santa Barbara, where she received the Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Award in 2000.  She currently is secretary of council and a member of the executive committee of the Society of Biblical Literature.  She has written extensively on ancient Christian literature and on the religions of Asia Minor in the Roman Imperial Period.  Publications include The Acts of Peter, Gospel Literature, and the Ancient Novel:  Rewriting the Past and Phrygian Votive Steles.  Most recently, her research has focused on theoretical issues surrounding the use of archaeological evidence for the study of religion; material aspects of religion in the Roman Empire (spaces, objects, practices); and the urban context of the early Christian writings of the 1st and 2nd centuries, especially the cities of Paul.  Since 1991, she has spent part of each year conducting fieldwork in Turkey.

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