Magda Campo

Continuing Lecturer
M.A., The American University in Cairo
Arabic Language
HSSB 3058
Curriculum Vitae:


It is very critical that students learning Arabic familiarize themselves with the culture, religion, politics, and customs of the language. Therefore it is important to expose students to authentic material through activities such as watching Arabic news on TV, reading clippings from Arabic newspapers, watching Arabic movies, attending Middle Eastern concerts and sometimes participating in them, and listening to chanting from the Qur’an, etc. This method not only will familiarize students with the different aspects of life in the Middle East but will help them acquire extra vocabulary and understand better the mentality and the way of life of the Arabs.

Courses Taught:

  • RS 10A: Arabic I
  • RS 10B: Arabic II
  • RS 10C: Arabic III
  • RS 10D: Arabic IV
  • RS 10F: Arabic VI
  • RS 125: Food, Religion, and Culinary Cultures of the Middle East
  • RS 194: Colloquial Egyptian (Fall, Winter, & Spring)
  • INES 45: Food and Culture of the Middle East