Tamsin German

Associate Professor


Associate Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences, University of California, Santa Barbara


My research agenda is concerned with understanding the nature, acquisition and brain basis of the human capacity to attend to and reason about the behavior of other individuals in terms of their mental states (e.g. their beliefs and desires). This capacity is sometimes referred to as ‘theory of mind’ or ‘commonsense psychology’. Under this broad goal, my research addresses several related questions: i) What is the nature of the mechanisms underlying the development of ‘theory of mind’ across the preschool period and beyond? ii) How does information from the domain of theory of mind get integrated, during development, with other domains of knowledge to support our everyday understanding of tools and tool use? iii) What areas of brain circuitry support the range of capacities that are collected under the term ‘theory of mind’, and how are these capacities differentially spared or compromised by developmental or acquired brain injury?  For publications and other information, see faculty page here.