Lab Group

The composition of the Lab Group allows us to work collaboratively between levels of analysis and across traditions and cultures. The faculty have complementary areas of expertise: Professor Ann Taves, in theory and method in the study of religion with a specialization in American Religions; Professor Tamsin German in cognitive and developmental psychology, and Dr. Ray Paloutzian in social psychology and psychology of religion.  Specializing in multiple religious traditions, languages, disciplines, and objects of study (e.g., near death experiences, mystical experience, alcoholism, music, dance, ritual, transmission of religious), the graduate students bring an array of knowledge and skills that enhances the collaborative environment of the Group.

Affiliated Researchers

  • Post Doctoral Researcher Arizona State University

Evolutionary Cognitive Science of Religion, Theory of Mind

  • Affiliated Researcher

Alternative Spirituality and New Religious Movements, Cognition and Imagination, Folk Belief and Folk Narrative