Julia McClenon

Ph.D. Student


East Asian Religions, Time


Julia McClenon (黎思月) is a MA/PhD student currently exploring issues of lived temporality in Chinese religiosities. She follows scholarship on “time” in both the humanities and sciences, and is interested in cross-disciplinary work, welcoming conversation with scholars from other traditions, fields, and institutions.

Before pursuing graduate school, Julia worked for several years in the public and private sectors, while also volunteering as an ESL tutor, teacher, and community mediator. She is an award-winning spoken word poet and performance artist, and has lived, worked, and studied in East Asia for four years. Proficient in Mandarin Chinese, Julia has also studied several other languages.

She is a former U.S. diplomat to China (Foreign Service Officer), and is currently a freelance editor and editorial assistant for the journal RELIGION.

When not reading, writing, or teaching, Julia can be found eating, sleeping, or riding a motorcycle, typically not at the same time.