Joanna Steinhardt

Former Ph.D. Student


Ph.D. Student, Religious Studies, University of California Santa Barbara


I’m a doctoral candidate in the Anthropology department with an interest in new religious movements, contemporary spirituality, secularity, ecology, and politics (especially radical political movements from the late-modern period to today). I hold a Master’s degree in Cultural Studies from Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where I did field work on neo-Hasidic religious Jewish communities formed by American Jews. (This research was published in Nova Religio: the Journal of Emergent and Alternative Religions in 2010 as an article entitled "American Neo-Hasids in the Land of Israel.") I’m now conducting field work on urban farms in the Bay Area, including a Jewish urban farm in West Berkeley. I am approaching the politicized culture of sustainability as a venue for inquiry into “spiritual” and “secular” practices and ideas about social change.