50th Anniversary

We are celebrating our 50th Anniversary this year! UCSB’s Religious Studies Department was officially established on July 1, 1964, starting with a faculty of four. In celebration of this milestone, the Department will be hosting a series of intellectual and social events, including a one-day symposium In April 2014, which will bring together PhD alumni, past and present faculty, current graduate students, and the wider community to consider the intellectual history of the Department and its impact on the interdisciplinary academic study of religion. Please consider donating to the 50th Anniversary Fund to support the important work of Religious Studies graduate education.

Steven Barrie-Anthony Publishes Essay on The Atlantic Online!

Congratulations to our PhD student, Steven Barrie-Anthony for publishing an essay about “spiritual but not religious” people and their potential as a voting bloc. Click to view the essay on The Atlantic Online.

“‘Spiritual but not religious’ people do care, and deeply, about community and civic participation. The difficult part for them is finding ways of engaging civically that jibe with their spiritual approaches.” – excerpt from Barrie-Anthony’s essay.

PhD Alumnus, Rahuldeep Singh Gill, Writes About Attack of Humanitarian Hero

Religious Studies PhD Alumnus, Rahuldeep Singh Gill, wrote an inspiring editorial centered around the recent attack of humanitarian and Columbia University professor, Dr. Prabhjot Singh. Dr. Singh was attacked on the street in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City. Police are investigating the attack as a racially-motivated hate crime.

Click HERE to view the full article.

Michael Kinsella recipient research award – Immortality Project at UC Riverside

Michael Kinsella, a graduate student in the department who works on the psychology and

Michael Kinsella
Michael Kinsella

sociology of paranormal beliefs, and Professor Ann Taves, Cordano Professor of Catholic Studies have been selected as recipients of a $250K research award from the Immortality Project at UC Riverside. The award is supported by a generous grant from the John Templeton Foundation. The research project, entitled “The Role of Near-Death Experiences in the Emergence of a Movement: A Quasi-Experimental Field Study of IANDS,” will be conducted over a two year period. Other member of the research team include Tamsin C. German, Michael Barlev, Raymond F. Paloutzian.