Alternative Careers Workshop, April 25, to kick off Anniversary Events

A professionalization workshop organized by the Religious Students graduate students is scheduled to begin the 50th Anniversary events on All Gaucho Reunion weekend. Join us on Friday, April 25, from 2 to 4 pm in HSSB 4080, for the workshop. Presenters include Shawn Landres, Mike Burdick, Michelle Zimney, Mehnaz Sahibzada and David Machacek.

Article by Richard Hecht on “The Study of Religions in America and the Department of Religious Studies at UCSB”

Richard Hecht recounts the creation of the Religious Studies Department at UC Santa Barbara in, “The Study of Religions in America and the Department of Religious Studies at UCSB (Pantheon 8/1).”

The article discusses the American study of religions as it has been reflected in the history of a particular university department, namely the Department of Religious Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Ahmad Atif Ahmad Interviewed About Book, “The Fatigue of the Shari’a”

Ahmad Atif Ahmad's book, "The Fatigue of the Shari'aRead and listen to Ahmad Atif Ahmad’s interview by New Books in Islamic Studies.

The Fatigue of the Shari’a places on a continuum two kinds of debates: debates in the Islamic tradition about the end of access to divine guidance and debates in modern scholarship in Islamic legal studies about the end of the Shari’a. The resulting continuum covers what access to divine guidance means and how it relates to Shari’a, whether the end of this access is possible, and what should be done in this case. The study is based on textual analysis of medieval legal and theological texts as well as analysis of recent arguments about the death of the Shari’a.