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Roger Friedland presented “Contradictions of Love in the Facebook World: Romance in the Muslim...

"Digital Romance: The Sources of Online Love in the Muslim World,” by Ramina Sotoudeh, Roger Friedland and Janet Afary, will appear in Media, Culture and Society, 2017.

“Love in the Middle East: The Contradictions of Romance in the Facebook World,” by Roger...

Janet Afary and Roger Friedland have designed the new survey for the second wave of the Love, Marriage and Religion project.

The pragmatism of young Iranians who voted for a cleric and bureaucrat with whom they have hardly anything in common is astonishing. They likely voted for him to avoid a dangerous confrontation with the West and perhaps remove America’s crippling sanctions.

It is one thing for the AKP to ban alcohol or close down gay clubs. It is another to try to cordon off kissing.

We are LMR, which stands for Love, Marriage and Religion.

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