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His Holiness gave two lectures at UC Santa Barbara:

The Nature of Mind

The lecture was an insightful discourse on some of the most important themes of Buddhism: why the mind is so central to the tradition, how Western science and traditional Buddhist learning can benefit from mutual interaction, what distinguishes subtle from grosser levels of consciousness, how the different schools of Tibetan Buddhism elaborate such a distinction, and how all of these schools have a common source in the scholarly tradition of Nalanda Monastery, the greatest Buddhist university of ancient India.

Ethics for our Time

In this talk, His Holiness turned to one of his favorite themes: the importance of compassion. Far from being a uniquely Buddhist concern, the Dalai Lama explained why caring for others can be the basis for a rich and rewarding life for all people. Whether one is a Buddhist or not, whether one is religious or not, a concern for the welfare of others is just good common sense. Compassion changes egotism into empathy, and transforms fear into freedom. It is the basis for both personal and communal peace.

During both lectures, His Holiness spoke in a mixture of English and Tibetan, with translation provided by his interpreter, Dr. Thubten Jinpa. His Holiness interspersed the more scholarly parts of his talks with humorous anecdotes about his childhood and life, and even apologized for his headcold. At the end of both lectures, His Holiness answered questions that had been submitted by students and other members of the public.

KCSB Podcasts

You can hear the Dalai Lama’s lectures as podcasts by clicking on the links below.

Podcast – “The Nature of Mind
Podcast – “Ethics for our Time

Streaming Video

You can see the Dalai Lama’s lectures as streaming video by clicking on the links below. (You will have to have Quicktime installed on your computer to watch these videos. You can download Quicktime for free here.)

Streaming video – “The Nature of Mind
Streaming video – “Ethics for our Time

Ordering DVDs

You can also buy copies of the DVDs of each of the two lectures. You may purchase copies of the DVDs at Video Services, Ground Floor of Kerr Hall, UCSB. The price is $5.00 (tax inclusive) for each DVD/lecture if they are picked up from Kerr Hall.

Alternatively, send $10.00 for each lecture ($20.00 for both lectures) to the address listed below. Your order must be accompanied by a personal check or money order drawn on a U.S. bank. International orders that do not have access to a U.S. checking accoung must send an international money order in U.S. currency. Make out all checks or money orders to “U.C. Regents”.

Send your order to:

UCTV Order (Dalai Lama Lectures)
1204 Kerr Hall
Instructional Development
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-3200 USA

Please specify which of the Dalai Lama lectures you are ordering (or else that you wish to order both). Please write your mailing address clearly in your order.

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